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Why Is Growing Pot So Energy-Intensive? June 9, 2021

Why Is Growing Pot So Energy-Intensive?

In his 2022 budget proposal, President Joe Biden included a rider first introduced by Republican Maryland Rep. Andy Harris that would block D.C.’s ability to legalize and tax recreational marijuana, even after the city’s residents voted to legalize possession back in 2014. While the budget provision is plainly at odds with Biden’s support of D.C. statehood and autonomy, it’s also the latest example of Biden’s conservative views on marijuana—views that could have major consequences for the climate crisis.

Currently, because marijuana is not legal at the federal level, cannabis growers are not allowed to ship their products over state lines, as Emily Atkin explains in a recent edition of her newsletter, Heated, aptly titled “Biden’s anti-weed budget is anti-climate.” Rolling Stone dubs weed a “climate villain,” as cannabis sold in any state where...

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