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Kevin O'Leary: Psychedelic drugs 'far exceed' cannabis investment potential May 11, 2021

Kevin O'Leary: Psychedelic drugs 'far exceed' cannabis investment potential

Daniel Carcillo, Wesana Health CEO, is a living example of the power of psychedelic drugs to help those suffering from mental illnesses than standard treatments — and other forms of alternative treatments — have failed. The former National Hockey League player says he was on the verge of suicide as a result of traumatic brain injury he endured as a professional athlete."Nothing worked," Carcillo said at Tuesday's CNBC Healthy Returns Summit. "I started to make plans to underburden my family and take my own life. I thought I had tried everything."Then Carcillo discovered various mushroom-based alternative medical treatments for inflammation and wellness, such as Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail, and psilocybin — the compound in "magic" mushrooms — the latter of which the former NHL player credits with saving his life.He says the day after a psychedelic trip under the right setting, he woke up feeling the way he hadn't felt in years: normal. And over the...

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