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17 Country Singers Who Used Cannabis For Creativity May 8, 2021

17 Country Singers Who Used Cannabis For Creativity

This article by Taylor Engle was originally published on The Bluntness and appears here with permission.
Cannabis is renowned for its influence and inspiration in the music world, and we usually associate this intersection with hip hop, R&B, rap and rock. 
However, a 2017 study actually revealed that there are more cannabis references in country music than in rap or rock, and that country stars sing more about cannabis than any other drug.
“Country music does have the most drug mentions, and a lot of the country songs do speak about marijuana quite a bit,” data scientist Logan Freedman told Rolling Stone in an interview. Freedman and his team analyzed euphemistic lyrics and overt references, concluding that quite a few country stars sing about smoking weed. 
Some have even gone as far as to boldly admit they’ve tried it, liked it, and never plan on...

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