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Swiss Parliamentary Committee Votes to Legalize Cannabis May 4, 2021

Swiss Parliamentary Committee Votes to Legalize Cannabis

Switzerland came one step closer to adult-use cannabis legalization after lawmakers in the Health Commission of Switzerland’s National Council, the country’s lower legislative body, voted 13-11 on Friday in favor of a plan that would legalize cannabis access for adults, according to a Zürichsee-Zeitung report.
The parliamentary initiative was proposed by National Council Member Heinz Siegenthaler and seeks to expand the country’s current adult-use cannabis pilot program — which was approved last September and legalized access for some 5,000 registered study participants — to include all adults. Under that program, distributed cannabis must be organic and produced in Switzerland; additionally, THC content is capped at 20% for the pilot program’s cannabis products and the products must come in child-resistant packaging with appropriate safety warnings and accurate cannabinoid content displayed on the label.
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