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'We got one thing in common—it's called cannabis' September 4, 2021
'We got one thing in common—it's called cannabis'

Creating connections, the lawLiz Roberts of Sumerduck came to the symposium as a celebration.

“I want to celebrate a little piece of sanity inside of the world that I live in now,” she said.

“This is a friendly gathering.

People aren’t here to be angry, I thought the vibe would be good for that reason, but also it’s legal, and I have been waiting forever.

It’s about time.

”Events like the symposium will help normalize marijuana, Roberts said, and hopefully shed the persistent stigma.

“It’s going to take a lot of gatherings and a lot of people being public for it to just be part of life,” she said.

“It’s important for people to show up to see the diversity of the community … the grow groups, they are cross cultural.

People are connecting with people over pot that they wouldn’t have connected with in any other way in their life.

”Sauer’s attorney, Daniel Bounds of Warrenton specializes in cannabis business law, another niche market created by pot legalization.

He offered free legal advice at the symposium to cannabis users looking to stay out of trouble.

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