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Herbal supplement sales surpass $10 billion, says HerbalGram September 16, 2021
Herbal supplement sales surpass $10 billion, says HerbalGram

HerbalGram, published by the American Botanical Council (Austin, TX), released its 2020 Herb Market Report.

Using US retail sales data provided by SPINS and the Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ), HerbalGram reports that herbal dietary supplement sales in the U.


surpassed $10 billion for the first time.

This is a record 17.

3% increase from sales in 2019.

According to HerbalGram, the segment has not experienced double-digit growth in least two decades.

According to NBJ data, the mass market channel saw the strongest growth (25.

1%), totaling $2.

131 billion in 2020.

Direct sales, which include online sales, grew 23.

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