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Medical Marijuana Authority gets its fourth director in three years August 18, 2021
Medical Marijuana Authority gets its fourth director in three years

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority got its fourth director in three years of existence Wednesday with the announcement that Gov. Kevin Stitt has replaced Kelly Williams with Adria Berry, one of his former staffers who most recently has been a lobbyist for the Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma.In a separate announcement, the OMMA said Williams "will continue to work with the agency, providing her expertise and guidance."Stitt's office said Berry's appointment is a response to reports from law enforcement and others that Oklahoma's fledgling medical marijuana business, and especially grow operations, are being taken over by criminal enterprises.“I am committed to tackling the major challenges that the explosion of marijuana in Oklahoma is causing across our state,” Stitt said in a press release. “Foreign nationals are gobbling up land in rural communities and drug traffickers are exploiting our laws and threatening our public safety."The rapid and by some accounts chaotic growth of cannabis-growing operations is not limited to rural areas. More than 300 are licensed in Tulsa County, including more than 100 in what appear to be warehouses and industrial buildings.Earlier this year, the Legislature directed OMMA to hire more inspectors and to contract with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control for enforcement services.

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