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County suggests recreational cannabis rules August 8, 2021
County suggests recreational cannabis rules

FILE - In this Thursday June 17, 2021 file photo cannabis plants are close to harvest in a grow room at the Greenleaf Medical Cannabis facility in Richmond, Va. Adult recreational use of marijuana will become legal in Virginia this week, but the commercial production and sale of marijuana is still almost three years away. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

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Industry representative questions fairness of some restrictions

The draft regulations covering recreational marijuana businesses in Chaves County limit most types of industry businesses to certain zoning districts along major highways and roads and will require them to stay a far distance from places where children and the community gather, as well as operate behind fences and covered windows.

County officials have expressed concerns about public safety in prior meetings, but a representative with a state industry group says that some of the regulations seem unreasonable to him and likely to re-stigmatize a substance that has been made legal.

“It seems like, from reading this, that they think that people buy cannabis and then do whatever is the cannabis-equivalent of shooting up in an alley,” said Ben Lewinger, executive director of the New Mexico Cannabis Chamber of Commerce based in Albuquerque, which has Chaves County members.

“In reality, it is more like people going into a grocery store or a Walgreens or a drug store and buying what they want and then taking it home.”

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