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Water thieves steal H2O during California drought July 29, 2021
Water thieves steal H2O during California drought

California officials are trying to put a stop to a crime that would be odd in most parts of the country.

People are stealing water as an extreme drought continues to leave The Golden State dry.

>> Read more trending newsOfficials said water theft isn’t new, but it’s getting worse as reservoirs are running dry.

Thieves have been able to take billions of gallons of water by tapping into fire hydrants, rivers, farms and even people’s homes, CNN reported.

Many of the thieves are using the pilfered water to help sustain illegal marijuana growing operations, CNN reported.

More than 12 billion gallons of water have been taken since 2013.

“By our calculations, the illegal grows in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties require an astounding 5.

4 million gallons of water a day, every day,” Curt Fallin, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s associate special agent in charge, said in a news release earlier this month, according to The Washington Post.

“Water stealing has never been more severe,” John Nores told CNN.

Nores is the former head of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Marijuana Enforcement Team.

The thefts have been impacting farming, drinking water supplies, Native American tribes and small communities, Nores told CNN.

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