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Meet California's 'weed nuns' who are on a mission to heal the world with cannabis July 26, 2021
Meet California's 'weed nuns' who are on a mission to heal the world with cannabis

THE Sisters of the Valley, a voluntarily defined group of “weed nuns,” relies on the power of cannabis to help heal the world.

A non-religious denomination of radical feminist sorority was founded in 2015 by Sister Kate, 62, a self-proclaimed “anarchist nun” in Merced County, Northern California.

Sister Kate (left, 62) founded a sect in California in the winter of 2015.

16 Women grow and harvest their marijuana plants and turn them into medicinesCredit: ReutersWomen grow and harvest their cannabis plants to make comprehensive medicines such as cannabidiol (CBD) ointments, tinctures, perfume oils and soaps for sale online.

They use a strain of marijuana that eliminates the psychoactive compounds of THC, but still contains CBD, which is advertised to help treat everything from epilepsy to cancer and addiction.

The Kate sisters (real name Christine Musen) started operations in just 12 factories, but have since grown into an international organization that has made more than $ 1.

1 million in profits to the pandemic.

“Religion sells words” Despite the group’s Monica, Sister Kate told the Sun that Sister Tani was never affiliated with the Catholic Church.

“We do spiritual things, but none of us have anything to do with a particular religion,” she explained.

“Religion sells words, but we want to do more.

” Sister Kate added that the Sisters of the Valley are working to revive the spiritual practice of “putting Mother Earth at the center of everything.

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