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The Definitive Guide To Terpenes And Cannabis Aromatherapy May 2, 2021
The Definitive Guide To Terpenes And Cannabis Aromatherapy

When aromatherapy is combined with medical marijuana, it has an intense effect that makes you feel better all-round.

Do you know that there is another unique way the human body can ingest marijuana without smoking, vaping, or consuming an edible? It is an uncommon method through which the medicinal benefits of marijuana can be gained.

This method is called aromatherapy.

Some users are always skeptical at first of the healing properties of this technique.

But their views often change when they get to know that a plant’s aromatic and flavorful terpenes can be inhaled to gain some of the common benefits gotten from having marijuana.

The cannabis plant has a complex mixture of terpenes or essential oils — over 200 — with each amplifying the aroma of the plant.

The discovery of the aromatherapy process has given the world a way to exploit the essential oils present in a cannabis plant.

Photo by Chelsea shapouri via UnsplashHere, I will be giving a comprehensive guide on terpenes and marijuana aromatherapy: how it works, how it is applied, and the effectiveness of this uncommon practice.

What is Marijuana Aromatherapy?The term “aromatherapy” fuses two words: aroma and therapy.

Aroma means to smell, while therapy is defined as treatment for mental or physical disorders.

Marijuana aromatherapy can be described as the ancient practice of inhaling cannabis-infused essential oils for their healing properties.

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