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Berner's Cookies Launches Products Combining Cannabinoids, Terpenes And Mushrooms January 24, 2021
Berner's Cookies Launches Products Combining Cannabinoids, Terpenes And Mushrooms

Rapper and uber successful cannabis entrepreneur Berner is at it again, this time with the launch of an innovative new product line that combines mushrooms - medicinal but not psychedelic, terpenes, CBD, CBG, and CBN, for a non-psychoactive, uplifting experience. It is expected that an iteration containing THC will be launched across Cookies dispensaries later in 2021.

Dubbed Caps by Cookies, the line debuted with two iterations: Clarity, meant for daytime consumption, and Bed Head, intended for the nights. Products can be shipped to all U.S. states.

"Our products are not psychotropic or psychedelic... yet," Berner said during an exclusive interview. "We're going to ease into the market. Mushrooms are important to us because any kind of alternative medicine is important to us. That's what we focus on. A THC version will follow; and eventually maybe one with psychedelic mushrooms."

Caps by Cookies was co-developed by Cookies, Nammex, Tony Verzura of Blue River Terpenes and Extracts, and Jeff Chilton.

"I think the reason why this partnership makes so much sense is because Tony is focused on the science of things that help the body. And I'm kind of like the megaphone to the urban culture, to the black and brown communities," the rapper added. "Bringing people together is a passion of mine."

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