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Medical Marijuana bill pre-filed in SC Senate, closer than ever to passing January 24, 2021
Medical Marijuana bill pre-filed in SC Senate, closer than ever to passing

BEAUFORT COUNTY, SC (WSAV) - For seven years, medical cannabis legislation has been in front of lawmakers.

Now a Lowcountry State Senator believes this is the year medical marijuana will become legal in South Carolina.

State Senator Tom Davis has been working on a version of the Compassionate Care Act, which would legalize medical marijuana for almost a decade.

He says the bill, already in 36 states, is polling at more than 70% approval in the state, and pre-filed in both the SC House and Senate, is designed not to get people "high" but to "help" people who need it.

"The bill has been thoroughly vetted," said Senator Davis. "It's been looked at by the SC Medical Association. It has been looked at by law enforcement. We have a very good tightly regulated medical cannabis bill, and what it seeks to do is empower physicians. If a physician has a patient with a certain condition for which there has been evidence that medical marijuana can be effective, that we want to empower that doctor to give that patient what that patient needs to get relief whether it's chronic pain, Cerebral Palsy, or Multiple Sclerosis."

Davis believes the bill would have passed in 2020 before the session was shut down by COVID-19. Now he's gotten more feedback from SLED Chief Mark Keel, who is not in favor of legalizing any form of marijuana. The feedback has made this a better bill.

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