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Governor of Nebraska Weighs In On Legalized Cannabis in South Dakota November 12, 2020
Governor of Nebraska Weighs In On Legalized Cannabis in South Dakota

Governor Pete Ricketts is unwavering in his opposition to cannabis.

Even as historically conservative states have embraced legalization, reefer madness is alive and well in Nebraska.

At least with the state's governor, Pete Ricketts, who on Tuesday once again sounded the alarm on something that a growing majority of the country is cool with.

"Well, we've certainly seen in other states like Colorado when you pass legalization of recreational, as well as medicinal, marijuana that you see an increase in traffic fatalities that are caused by marijuana use and an increase in a number of other things such as young people getting a hold of the marijuana," Ricketts said, as quoted by Omaha-based television station KETV. "The marijuana has the opportunity to create psychosis in people and that could lead to a number of very bad outcomes as well, so those bad health effects happen when you legalize marijuana."

Ricketts made the comments in response to last week's election results in the Cornhusker State's northern neighbor, South Dakota, where voters approved separate measures legalizing medical marijuana and recreational pot. The results mean that Nebraska will soon border two states where cannabis is legal for adults, with Colorado voters paving the way for an end to prohibition back in 2012.

For Ricketts, a Republican currently serving his second term as Nebraska's governor, the comments are hardly a surprise. In August, ahead of his state's expected vote on a medical marijuana measure, Ricketts was highly dismissive of cannabis as a treatment for patients.

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