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Indiana Attorney General Candidate Calls For Cannabis Legalization October 27, 2020
Indiana Attorney General Candidate Calls For Cannabis Legalization

Indiana's Democratic Party's choice for Attorney General is calling for state-wide cannabis legalization.

Jonathan Weinzapfel, the Democratic Party's nominee for Indiana attorney general, called for the legalization of cannabis for adults in the Hoosier State on Monday, saying the move would provide a needed economic boost while increasing funding for public education and helping reduce law enforcement costs.

"As Indiana works to come out of this pandemic stronger than before, legalizing cannabis for adults just makes sense," said Weinzapfel in a statement posted to Twitter. "Not only will it help bring in much-needed tax dollars, it will also relieve unnecessary burdens on police and the court system while reducing jail overcrowding across the state. This will allow law enforcement agencies to focus on serious crimes and keeping our communities safe."

Indiana currently has some of the harshest cannabis prohibition laws in the nation, with jail time possible for possession of even small amounts of pot. The state is also one of only 17 that have no provisions for the legal use of medicinal cannabis.

Noting that neighboring Illinois and Michigan have already legalized recreational marijuana, Weinzapfel called for similar reform in Indiana, saying lawmakers should legalize cannabis for use by adults and create a regulatory system for commercial cannabis production and sales.

"As Attorney General, I would work with the Indiana General Assembly to create a well-regulated system and advocate that tax dollars generated from the sale of recreational cannabis be directed towards public schools and giving teachers a raise," said Weinzapfel. "I also would push for a portion of those new dollars to be invested in supporting and improving public safety."

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