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Oklahoma allows curbside medical marijuana sales March 28, 2020
Oklahoma allows curbside medical marijuana sales

Oklahoma medical cannabis dispensaries can provide curbside pickup service, but must ensure there is limited contact between employees and customers, according to state regulators.

Oklahoma is one of the many states where dispensaries have been identified as "essential" businesses.

"Oklahoma law does not prohibit curbside pickup," for medical marijuana retailers, the Oklahoma Marijuana Authority said on Twitter.

However, the "law does not allow for delivery to patients or caregivers," the agency tweeted.

"Due to the complexities related to its status as a controlled substance, there are numerous statutes that prohibit Medical Marijuana businesses from delivering to patients," according to a statement released by the agency.

The curbside pickup service is much like restaurants providing carry-out food, Terri Watkins, spokeswoman for the agency, told The Oklahoman.

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