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West Virginia Governor signs Bill Expanding Medical Access

June 12, 2019
West Virginia Governor signs  Bill Expanding Medical Access

An important piece of legislation (the Senate Bill 1037) was signed into law by the Republican Gov. Jim Justice; the measure is aimed at amending the state's emerging medical cannabis program.

Those who already possess a valid license to cultivate cannabis and manufacture cannabis products will now be able to simultaneously operate dispensaries under the new law. In addition to this, the measure is aimed at increasing the total numbers of medical cannabis dispensaries in the state. The law also removes the condition of having a licensed physician on staff at the dispensaries at all times. Under the new law, physicians will also be permitted to recommend cannabis therapy to their patients suffering from chronic pain without first prescribing them to use opioids.

It is also worth mentioning here that the lawmakers in West Virginia legalized medical cannabis back in 2016, but till to date, the program is not fully operational.

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