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States with marijuana legalization sees decline in Binge drinking

April 7, 2018
States with marijuana legalization sees decline in Binge drinking

States having a legal marijuana use permit have seen a decline in the consumption of Binge. The legal marijuana has been gaining many trends lately and thus, reduced alcohol consumption.

A financial research firm, Cowen & Company made a new report, stating states with legal marijuana has gotten a decline in the number of binge drinking.

Reports released in the first quarter of this year by officials at the Center for Disease Control claim at least 37  million Americans consume five drinks within two hours, a minimum of once a week.

The report made by Cowen shows that in marijuana legalized states, adults had a 13% less possibility to drink binge than in states without a marijuana permit. The Center for Disease Control attributes 88,000 deaths annually to drinking.

New research being conducted suggests legal marijuana could be of great help in eradicating the widespread of opioid addiction. Cowen has projected that legal marijuana will significantly decrease alcohol sales.

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