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Indiana Senate Bill Medical marijuana Bill Introduced

January 1, 2019
Indiana  Senate Bill  Medical marijuana Bill  Introduced

An important piece of legislation, the Senate Bill (SB-357) was introduced by Senator Karen Tallian. The bill is aimed at allowing qualified patients to use and possess physician-authorized medical cannabis.

The enactment of medicinal cannabis access is linked with lower rates of opioid abuse and mortality, as per the data received from other states. The data further suggest that it also does not negatively impact motor vehicle safety, workplace safety, and teen use.

Similarly, another important piece of legislation - the Senate bill (SB-287) is also pending which is aimed at creating a defense mechanism to prosecute individuals who possess a certificate from their doctors stating that they have a terminal illness or a serious untreatable disease and they can use medical cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

As per the results of a recent poll, the majority of nationwide voters (as much as 91%) are in support of "allowing adults to legally use cannabis for medical purposes."

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