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Legislation Bill to Seal past Marijuana Convictions in Alaska

February 10, 2019
 Legislation Bill to Seal past Marijuana Convictions in Alaska

An important piece of legislation, the Senate Bill (S-8) has been re-introduced by Senator Tom Begich. The bill is aimed at sealing the convictions of past cannabis possession offenders.

As per the measure, the release of past records of any cannabis-related offense that is no longer falls in the category of crime under the state law. The basic purpose and intent of introducing such a measure is to reduce any barriers to employment opportunities for people with past low-level cannabis convictions that would be legal under the new law. The overall objective is to make people convicted of only low-level cannabis crimes a contributing member of the society.

The criminal conviction of any nature comes with a lifelong stigma. Convicts are often denied equal opportunities in workplaces, housing, education, and elsewhere. It is unjust to keep on punishing people whose past actions are no longer defined as criminal acts under today's Alaska law.

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