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Indiana Marijuana Decriminalization Legislation

January 2, 2019
Indiana Marijuana Decriminalization Legislation

An important piece of legislation, the House Bill (HB-1540) which deals with decriminalizing the possession of cannabis (small amounts) is still pending. The measure proposes imposing a "Class C" infraction which translates to a civil penalty that carry a punishment of a fine of $100-500, to anyone who is found guilty of possessing up to 10g of cannabis.

The current state law, however, imposes a penalty of up to 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $1000 for the possession of any amount of cannabis and treats this offense as a misdemeanor.

The public support to end the outdated cannabis prohibition laws is on the rise and experts agree that they have never seen such strong support from the public in history. The results of a recent poll suggest that a majority of Indiana residents (about 78%) strongly believe that those who are found guilty of possessing small amounts of cannabis should never be imprisoned.

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