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Terpenes: More Than Cannabis’ Way to Smell Good

January 9, 2019
Terpenes: More Than Cannabis’ Way to Smell Good

-      Common terpenes in Cannabis are found in many other plants and have a variety of effects.

When you look at plants, they seem inactive. They appear to only respond to the wind or other outside factors. However, that it isn’t the case. Plants are incredibly active and spend their lives fighting for survival in the same way animals do. They only appear inactive because they aren’t highly mobile. Their fight for survival happens mostly on their insides.

Plants are loaded with a vast array of compounds. From waxes and lipids to antibacterial compounds that protect them against microbial invasions, plants contain hundreds of different compounds. For Cannabis plants, this is no different. While they come with medicinally valuable and psychoactive compounds, they also contain a high number of terpenes. Their terpenes give the different cultivars their smells, tastes, medicinal properties, plant defenses, and more. However, the terpenes that we find in cannabis plants are also found in other plants, as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the terpenes found in cannabis, what they’re known for, and what other plants we can find them in. Some of the terpenes found in cannabis and other plants include:

  •      Linalool
  •      Myrcene
  •      Limonene
  •      Pinene

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