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New Marijuana Regulations for Alaskan City

February 25, 2018
New Marijuana Regulations for Alaskan City

Two of the recent ordinances passed in Fairbanks suggest Banning onsite marijuana use and restricting the amount of marijuana retail shops.

The amount of retail shops will likely be capped at 12, and onsite intake is going to be outlawed, irrespective of state regulation, if the ordinance passes.

With Fairbanks now having five working licensed retail shops, Four permits are being considered by the council and are awaiting a certificate of occupancy prior to launching.

The limitation of 12 retail shops wasn't chosen for any specific reason.

It's uncertain what will happen to the rest applicants who have not attained local authorities when the council approves the 12-store limit, explained Fairbanks Mayor Jim Matherly.

Though according to Fairbanks City Clerk Danyielle Sinder's interpretation, of the ordinance terminology, is that no more will be permitted.

She further went on to explain that the council has not actually addressed that yet but felt that the council has some work to do in that respect.

Alaska statute restricts the amount of alcohol licenses according to people, but Fairbanks may have the unique case with grandfather rights allowing several times the allowable amount.


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