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North Dakota Medical Marijuana

North Dakota officials, pot activists disagree on effect of new law to ban THC products

Gov. Doug Burgum signed House Bill 1045 into law last month after the Legislature passed it nearly unanimously. In its original form, the legislation was just a few unremarkable paragraphs aiming to align the state's definition of hemp with federa...

May 5, 2021

New North Dakota Effort To Put Marijuana On 2022 Ballot Killed By Senate

After a House-passed bill to legalize marijuana in North Dakota was rejected by the Senate last week, some senators hatched a new plan to advance the issue by referring it to voters on the 2022 ballot. While their resolution advanced through ...

April 1, 2021

North Dakota House green-lights bill allowing edible medical marijuana

BISMARCK -- The North Dakota House of Representatives has endorsed a bipartisan bill that would allow the state's eight medical cannabis dispensaries to sell edible products. The lower chamber voted 63-31 on Thursday, Feb. 18, to send House Bill ...

February 20, 2021

North Dakotans may vote on legalizing marijuana in 2022

BISMARCK -- Proponents of legalizing recreational marijuana in North Dakota are embarking on another petition effort after missing the signature cut-off for their measure to appear on last year's ballot. Supporters of the measure, which would ame...

January 24, 2021

North Dakota marijuana petition approved for distribution

BISMARCK, N.D. (KFGO) - Secretary of State Al Jaeger has approved a petition for a constitutional initiative to legalize recreational marijuana. If enough signatures are collected and if the measure is approved by voters, recreational marijuana w...

January 23, 2021

Marijuana Emerges As Big Winner In Election As Five States Vote To Legalize

If there was a clear winner that emerged from the highly contentious 2020 November 3 election, it was marijuana. Yesterday, all five states that had cannabis legalization measures on their ballots, passed overwhelmingly. Breaking it down, Arizona,...

November 14, 2020

Marijuana Is Biggest Winner In The 2020 Election

The voters have approved all of the proposals to legalize the leaf put before them across the U.S., proving that weed is no longer a divisive issue. While there is still a great deal of uncertainty over whether President Trump or Democratic candi...

November 14, 2020

More Americans Than Ever Are In Support Of Legal Marijuana

It's not a huge jump, but more people support legal weed than they did in 2019, according to a new Gallup poll. As the country's growing acceptance of marijuana continues to spread across state lines, it should come as no surprise that Americans ...

November 12, 2020

Governor of Nebraska Weighs In On Legalized Cannabis in South Dakota

Governor Pete Ricketts is unwavering in his opposition to cannabis. Even as historically conservative states have embraced legalization, reefer madness is alive and well in Nebraska. At least with the state's governor, Pete Ricketts, who on Tues...

November 12, 2020

House to vote on historic marijuana decriminalization bill in September

LOS ANGELES - The U.S. House of Representatives is preparing a for a floor vote on The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement Act, which would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level by removing it from the Controlled Substances...

August 30, 2020

Governor Burgum Signs Marijuana Penalty Reduction Law

An important piece of legislation (the House Bill 1050) was signed into law by the Republican Gov. Doug Burgum. The measure is aimed at reducing marijuana possession penalties. The measure is aimed at reclassifying the marijuana-related possessio...

May 8, 2019

Lawmakers Pass Bill Reducing Marijuana Possession Penalties in North Dakota

An important piece of legislation - the House Bill 1050 has been passed by the members of both houses, the Senate and the House. The legislation was aimed at reducing marijuana possession-related penalties. Republican Gov. Doug Burgum is expected ...

May 1, 2019