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Iowa Medical Marijuana

The push to legalize cannabis in Iowa is gaining traction at the State Capitol

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) - South Dakota and Illinois legalizing marijuana for recreational use has renewed the push for state officials to legalize it in the Hawkeye state. State Sen. Joe Bolkcom, a Democrat from Iowa City, is and advocate for thi...

February 20, 2021

Iowa Democrats Lead Charge To Legalize Marijuana

A state senator is reportedly planning to introduce three bills in favor of significant cannabis law reform. Iowa Democratic Party leaders from city councilmembers to state senators are calling for the legalization of marijuana, a change that wou...

February 20, 2021

Iowa governor signs bill expanding medical marijuana THC formula

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed into law a bill that replaces the 3% THC cap with a per-patient limit of 4.5 grams of THC for a 90-day period, but it's unclear how much the move will boost the state's heavily regulated medical cannabis market. The ...

July 4, 2020

University Of Iowa Is Exploring Medical Marijuana's Effects On Aging

Researchers say the time has come to find out if medical marijuana increases this risk of cognitive issues and which products with higher or lower THC content, are safe to use. What effect does marijuana have on the aging body? In partnership wit...

February 24, 2020

Governor of Iowa Vetoes Medical Cannabis Expansion Bill

An important piece of legislation (the House File-732) that was aimed at making some amendments in the State's low-THC access program was vetoed by the Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds. The proposal was meant to expand the pool of medical conditions/...

May 28, 2019

Iowa Medical marijuana Expansion legislation Approved by Lawmakers

An important piece of legislation - the House File 732 finally got the approval from both the House and Senate Lawmakers. The legislation (House File - 732) is aimed at expanding the state's medical cannabis access program. The Republican Governor...

May 2, 2019

Marijuana Grounds for Denying Citizenship

According to the newly release "Guidance Memo" by the USCIS - the US Citizenship & Immigration Services ( a branch of US Department of Homeland Security), all those applying for the US Citizenship may be denied such if they are found guilty of per...

April 25, 2019


The medical marijuana program in Iowa is surely gaining a lot of popularity and support both from the lawmakers and the public. Seven  different companies have submitted their applications to open up new shops across the state. According to a spo...

March 11, 2018