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Sativa, Satya, Sadhus – Cannabis and the Indian Ascetic

Cannabis in the Ascetic Way of Life in India Did you know it’s pretty common to find sadhus or Indian ascetics, irrespective of sect, consuming cannabis or hashish? In fact, it would be not unusual to see scores of sadhus living in huts a...

September 16, 2021

Africa warms up to Marijuana farming for research and export

Traditionally treated as a taboo plant in most African countries, marijuana is slowly being embraced across the continent, as scientists and researchers explore new medical therapies for emerging diseases. The burgeoning, multibillion dollar marij...

September 15, 2021

How cannabiz owners can shape social equity

How cannabiz owners can shape social equity Future cannabis business owners should also prepare for the role they can play in creating an equitable cannabis industry. Some aspiring cannabiz owners are flush with resource...

September 14, 2021

Sri Lanka’s cannabis-seekers are gathering on Facebook

One weekend about a year ago in Balangoda, a misty mountain town outside Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital, Sanjana was supposed to meet a dealer she found on Thriloka Wijaya Pathra, a Facebook group for cannabis users in Sri Lanka. Like many strang...

August 3, 2021

Cannabis – Swiss Neutrality as a Vicious Circle

Cannabis, marijuana, dope, Mary Jane – the plant is known by various names. In recent years, opinions have been widely divided around the effects and use of cannabis. While certain countries legalize its use altogether, in others it is still...

July 17, 2021

Argentina's Senate advances bill on hemp, medical cannabis

Argentina’s Senate has overwhelmingly approved a law that would establish a regulatory framework for the development of the medical cannabis and industrial hemp sectors.The regulation, which backers say could quickly generate 10,00...

July 16, 2021

Cannabis may have originated in northwest China, study suggests

Researchers found the Cannabis sativa species -- the "much beloved and maligned plant" widely used as a recreational drug -- likely emerged from the region by Neolithic times (10,000-3,000 BC), according to a news release from the journal Science ...

July 16, 2021

Sha'Carri Richardson | Olympic Suspension for Marijuana

Sha’Carri Richardson stands in the corner of a grey-and-white room. Her platinum blonde weave is parted down the middle, framing her soft cheekbones and enormous, dark eyes. She wears a black hoodie by Nike, her sponsor since the 21-year-old...

July 5, 2021

Cannabis Day Spotlight — The Medical Impact of Canadian Cannabis

Happy Cannabis Day! Today is a great day to honour Canadian cannabis. Mother nature deserves to be recognized and celebrated for all its positive contributions. With that in mind, here is a Cannabis Day Spotlight on the medical impact of Canadian ...

July 1, 2021

Malaysia Federal Court Bench Rules “courts cannot sidestep any government policy on cannabis unless it is against the law”

PUTRAJAYA: The courts cannot sidestep any government policy on cannabis unless it is against the law, a Federal Court bench said. Judge Mohd Zawawi Salleh said the government’s stance was to maintain the current status on cannabis and all drug-rel...

June 28, 2021

New Zealand - ACC urged to change cannabis policy as people turn to black market for pain relief

Medical cannabis advocates say ACC is forcing some people into the black market to illegally purchase cannabis to help relieve pain. Photo / NZMEACC is being called on to change its approach to the funding of medical cannabis products, with advoca...

May 29, 2021

Fiji: Cannabis should be high on the government's agenda

Fiji’s capital Suva has been in and out of Covid lockdowns over recent weeks, and my Netflix got a workout. I watched a TV show called “Cooked with Cannabis”. Admittedly there were a few baked hippies, but the cooking was go...

May 26, 2021